Could standing cabins on flights take off?

(WXYZ) - Would you be willing to stand the whole time on a flight if it meant cheaper tickets?

A study in the International Journal of Engineering and Technology explores the potential of a standing cabin.

Researchers found that the standing cabin idea could be applied by low-cost airlines on short-haul flights.

The study looks at lowering ticket prices by fitting more passengers on an aircraft using the standing cabin concept--it's inspired by ground public transportation, like the bus or subway.

A vertical passenger seat would basically be like a bench, with shoulder harnesses and arm rests.

And while no vertical seat design or standing cabin arrangement has officially been approved for use, the study notes that none are illegal by current aviation standards.

So, the big question is, would you opt to stand for a couple of hours on a flight, if it meant more money in your pockets?

To read the full study, go HERE.

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