Could your teen be downloading danger? See the apps that teens love, moms hate

(WXYZ) - An estimated 70-percent of teenagers have a smartphone today, but could your teen be downloading danger?

Richard Warner, a special agent in the Cyber Crimes Unit of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, says most teens have no idea how risky many of these apps --- like Snapchat --- can be.

Snapchat lets you send a picture and it self destructs within seconds. But the app has potential for serious legal ramifications for teenagers.
"What happens when you break up? One person is upset because the other broke up with them, 'I'll get her back. I'll send pics out to the entire school.'  Right there we have a second degree felony," said Warner.

Another popular teen app that worries Warner is Meet 24.

He and his team monitor the dating site for predators who can track a teen down off of their internet connection.

For more apps to watch out for, check out the video in the player above. 

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