Criminal expert analyzes father in Charlie Bothuell case

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The shocked reaction Charlie Bothuell's father gave on live TV when he got the news his son was found, is being seen around the nation.

It was taped shortly before his emotional press conference with reporters at the scene.

"I thought my son was dead, man," Charlie Bothuell IV said Wednesday.

His colorful media appearances have been scrutinized for sincerity.

"What I learned, is not to have first impressions," said Dr. Robert Homant. Homant is a longtime criminal behavior specialist.

The Investigators had him watch and analyze the father's behavior for insight.

"There is no way to know," he said when asked if the father looked as if he was telling the truth on TV.

Of his reaction to the news of his son's return, "There's no normal reaction," says Homant. "There's no normal."

"When the child is found--should you be happy? Or should you be crying?," he adds of the multitude of reactions a parent can express.

He says chaotic situations can often cloud people's judgment, making their behavior seem backwards to those on the outside.

"The temptation is to try to read from body language."

Instead, he says, hold judgment, and look for the facts.

"Where is the inconsistency in the story," he says.



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