CRITICAL CONDITION: No clear direction for health care reform

CRITICAL CONDITION: No clear direction for health

TAMPA, FL -- The Florida Consumer Action Network says some form of health care reform needs to live on.

FCAN says they're taking their message directly to members of Congress and organizers in Washington.

FCAN Executive Director Bill Newton says "Many people want parts of the health care legislation like no pre-existing conditions and closure of the Medicare prescription drug "donut hole" that hurts seniors. But it is hard to just pass one part.  For instance, if we eliminate pre-existing conditions, people could just wait until they were sick and then sign up for insurance.  That would be costly for everyone. It only works if everyone is insured, which is much more complicated."

Newton continued, "Congress must pass something. Too many people are uninsured or face bankruptcy from medical costs.  At a time when we have very high unemployment so people don't have employer health care, we need a public plan."

This week Congressional leaders are meeting to work out a new compromise. While many Republicans are calling for a blank slate, some Democrats are looking to see what can be salvaged.

But, after Democrats took a stomping in the Massachusetts Senate election last week, even some members of their own party seem to be waffling on their commitment to the original bills.

President Obama is likely to address the issue in his State of the Union speech Wednesday night.
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