Cyber crimes expert warns of man using fake pics to lure women

(WXYZ) - A cyber crimes expert says a man who has been the focus of a 7 Action News investigation is very dangerous to unsuspecting women looking for love on line.

David Klotz, 50, hooks up with women on several dating web sites, like or "plenty-of- fish" , luring them in by posting the photo of a body builder, and claims that he is rich. He uses a half dozen aliases, and promises the women he chats up on the phone that expensive gifts, cars and homes will come with a relationship with him.

Recently, he's been hit with assault charges for biting his latest victim. Now, there's good reason why this cyber expert wants to warn women about Klotz.

The expert says David Klotz is a scary man and that his habit of lying to women about his income and jobs are just part of the problem. What really worries him is how Klotz's aggressive behavior towards women appears to be escalating and he says it could even turn deadly.

Dr. Peter Stephenson is the director of the Norwich University Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics, and Associate Professor of computer crime and forensics. "He make his contacts on line, and then he escalates  those to a physical meeting," Stephenson told 7 Action News. "Then if he doesn't get what he wants, this is what we call power-assertive, he can become violent. Power assertive is about control."

Dr. Peter Stephenson teaches in Vermont but lives in Michigan. He contacted 7 Action News after seeing our reports on Klotz and says he fears what our next report could be.

"It very typically can get out of hand. And when it gets out of hand, then rape or murder can be the result. He doesn't come to these meetings (to kill) but will try to reassert that control," Stephenson says.

"Missy" was a face book connection for David Klotz just before Klotz met another woman who told Toledo Ohio police that Klotz bit her during a verbal fight that turned violent. The biting victim asked that we not name her, but Missy says "he played a wealthy man lifestyle, or pretended a wealthy man lifestyle, and yet seemed so down to earth."

The woman Klotz bit told 7 Action News he had promised to buy her a home. Missy says Klotz also promised to buy her a new house.

"He had contacted realtors in my hometown, actually had scheduled to look at houses, expensive homes." But, that's not all, says Missy. "He had supposedly ordered me a new vehicle…supposedly had purchased all kind of jewelry."

"I look at stories like this on line and shake my head and go how can they be they be so  dumb. I can't believe that I was one of them," says a women from well-to-do Clarkston Michigan, who also asked not to be identified.

She says she followed up online chats with Klotz with long phone calls, and finally a visit to Toledo for a face-to-face meeting. She could see Klotz, who claimed to be the well-sculpted man in the body builder photo, was not the man who got into her car. That's when she cut off all contact.

"They were the lucky ones! They were indeed the lucky ones," says  Dr. Stephenson, who believes Klotz won't stop looking for women online. In fact when 7 Action News tracked down Klotz last year and confronted him about his behavior, he said he was sorry, and that he would stop. "The next time I'm on TV, if there is a next time," Klotz promised, " I want to be on for a good reason, not for hurting women."      

 But that was before last month when he was hit with two assault charges, and three more charges for violating a court order to stay away from the Toledo woman who he bit. "He'll have some objective in mind," says Stephenson. "It may be sex, it may be money, he'll turn his con in that direction, and if they push back, he'll become violent." Stephenson's conclusion:"this guy needs to be stopped because he is a dangerous man."

Next week, Klotz has still another appearance scheduled in a Toledo courtroom when several charges he faces could result in jail time.

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