Daughters of beaten driver speak out after Detroit accident involving boy

Fund set up to help Steve Utash

(WXYZ) - The daughters of the driver who accidentally struck a boy on Morang Road in Detroit, are speaking to 7 Action News about the brutal attack on their father.

The Clinton Township man hit the boy Wednesday afternoon after the 11-year-old stepped out in front of his truck. After the accident, a crowd of people attacked the driver as he attempted to stop and help the boy. Not only was 54-year-old Steve Utash beaten, but he was robbed.

"He hasn't woken up since the attack," his daughters said over the phone Thursday night.

One of the daughters, Felicia,  first contacted 7 Action News on Facebook to comment on the incident and talk about her father.

"All I'd like to say is what happened to my dad is a shame, he was doing the right thing like he always does," she said. "He's the guy that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He's a tree trimmer for a living and makes sure all the squirrels were out of a tree before he cut it down. He's an amazing dad and person."

"He's the best dad in the world," the daughters said over the phone. "He's there for you when you need him. He'll give you his last dollar. It's just sad because he's such an amazing father to us."

The daughters say their father was just trying to stop and help the boy, when he was suddenly attacked by a group of people.

“His wallet was taken. Everything he owned was in that bag that they took out of his truck. He doesn’t have health insurance. It’s terrible. I don’t want my dad to have to come out of the hospital after something this tragic and have a giant bill hanging over his head for the rest of his life because he tried to stop and help a kid that he accidentally hurt."

Family members have set up a fund that will help with the hospital bills. You can donate to the fund here: http://www.gofundme.com/81r9sk

“It would mean the world to us, because he’s such a giving person. You know, he’s the person that would give you his shirt off his back. For him to have to have these bills hanging over his head forever, it’s not fair… for anybody.”

The daughters say they don't understand what the motive was for the attack.

“It’s not fair. It doesn’t make any sense, because it’s not like he hit the kid on purpose and they were trying to get revenge… he literally just tried to stop and help the kid and people came out of nowhere and tried to kill him.”

They also are pleading with people to do the right thing and come forward with information that may help police.

“If anybody knows anything we would really hope that they would come forward. If it was their son, their brother, their dad laying in the hospital right now… they would want justice just like we do. I really hope they catch the people who did this to my father.”

The family of the boy who was hit is condemning the attack. The driver's daughters say the boy's family members wanted to to talk to them at the hospital, but it was just too early and they haven't been able to speak with their father.









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