DAVE REXROTH: 'Thank you for your love and support,' says WXYZ's Chief Meteorologist from hospital

(WXYZ) - WXYZ's Chief Meteorologist Dave Rexroth wants all of you to know how grateful he is for your words of love and support following the fireworks accident that resulted in the loss of his eye. Dave posted the following message on his Facebook page to express his appreciation.

"Although the past few days have been challenging, I have been overwhelmed by the love and kind words from not only those closest to me but every single one of you," says Rexroth. "Over my 14 years in Detroit and southeast Michigan, I've been truly blessed with the most caring and supportive viewers, coworkers and friends ever. Your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement are really helping me get through this. Thank you all so much. I look forward to being back on air and being able to thank you directly."

Dave Rexroth was injured while vacationing with his family in Iowa City, Iowa. The fireworks accident, which happened on July 4, caused Dave to lose sight in his left eye.

He is currently hospitalized in Iowa City and is scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday. That will begin the process of Dave receiving a prosthetic eye. He expects to fully recover by September.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave and his family and they have our full support during this difficult time. As Dave recovers, we’ll provide updates on his progress – and we look forward to his return to Action News,” said Ed Fernandez, vice president and general manager of WXYZ.

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