Days away from Dream Cruise, Royal Oak aims to clear flood damaged items left on curbs by residents

BERKLEY, ROYAL OAK (WXYZ) - "It's contaminated and it looks like heck," said Berkley resident Pete Resetz about the piles of contaminated furniture, carpeting, and other debris from area basements that now sits curbside.

As a result of this week's heavy rainfall that left streets and basements flooded, Dream Cruise organizers are planning an additional round of garbage collection on blocks closest to Woodward Avenue.

Gregory Rassel, Public Works Director for Royal Oak, tells Action News, "We are trying to get everyone back on schedule. And, unfortunately, Saturday is probably going to be a catch up day for our garbage company, and they just don't want to be working in areas where there is excess traffic, a lot of extra vehicles parked on the street, that kind of thing."

City officials in Berkley say they are working on an additional garbage pickup.

It's also important to use caution when buying second-hand items that might have been contaminated by recent flood water and not properly cleaned, if those items can even be salvaged.

Bill Sebra of Du-All Contracting says beware of flea markets. "People are coming down the street, they're picking up this stuff, they're going to wipe it down, take it to the flea market, sell it to someone.. They don't know what they're buying, they don't know where it came from."

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