DDOT outfitted with surveillance cameras

(WXYZ) - For months now Action News has been riding DDOT buses in the Motor City and exposing transit trauma.

Detroiters pay to get somewhere safely but don't get a fair shake. Drivers are also under attack on a daily basis.

Fred Westbrook Jr. is President of the union representing drivers and says "We definitely need Detroit transit police, that's been proven that it works. If DPD can do it kudos, WCS kudos, Detroit Transit Police can do it kudos."

But it seems the wheels of progress could be moving faster now. Action News first broke news of a proposal to outfit buses with security cameras and 35 new uniformed officers. They would be combined with police already on the people mover. Only there hasn't been much traction yet.

Well, today some progress was announced by the mayor who says "We're making another step today toward improving services in this town."

Along with 50 coaches outfitted with eight cameras each by the end of the summer, DDOT plans to have all routes covered in September. In total, 300 buses will be outfitted. As for cops, stay tuned because we're turning up the heat on city hall.

The mayor promises to take a ride on a bus with us soon. Mayor Duggan told us today "I'll be glad to. I've ridden buses a lot." We're going to hold him to it. This time, without a personal security detail.

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