DEA issues alert regarding prescription drug phone scam

WXYZ-TV - At this time of year, you always hear of another scam. This one comes from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA is warning us to be on the look out for people who may call you on the phone saying they are special agents, but really they're extortionists.

The call will come to you saying that buying your prescription drugs over the phone, or the internet, is illegal. They will tell you to pay a fine and then tell you how. Giving you a location to wire your money. It usually turns out to be overseas.

If you don't send the money, you'll be threatened with arrest.

The DEA is reminding us that they would never call asking for money. Of course, impersonating a federal agent is also illegal. But, that doesn't seem to matter to these scammers.

The DEA is also reminding us that buying drugs online, or on the phone, can be illegal. To do that, you need to meet some very exacting requirements. If you don't, you could put yourself at risk of buying drugs that might not be what they're supposed to be.

If you get a phone call that you suspect might not be on the up and up, call the DEA at:


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