Dearborn business owner scammed by suspect posing as DTE worker

(WXYZ) - Badie Munassar is a hard working man who works seven days a week at his restaurant in Dearborn.

According to the business owner, some thieves posing as DTE workers scammed Munassar out of close to $2,000.

"(They) told him he was part of disconnect team which doesn't exist... said he owed them three different payments," said Lt. Doug Topolski at the Dearborn Police Department.

"They say if you don't make this payment in four or five hours, you will be disconnected and we were crazy busy," said Munassar.

Munassar told 7 Action News he had no time to ask too many questions and quickly tried to pay the bill.

Getting answers for Munassar, 7 Action News checked with DTE to see how customers can get swindled out of their hard earned cash.

"They impose an artificial deadline," said DTE director of security, Michael Lynch.  "You have to do this within the hour or you are going to be shut off and that's not true… putting it out there to see if the victim will latch on to it."

In this case, Munassar was told to get a Green Dot card and then he was tricked into making more payments when the thief claimed the first one did not go through.

DTE told 7 Action News they have strict security.

Munassar said somehow the person behind this scam has gotten access to his personal information.

He advises others to ask a lot of questions when they run into the same situation.

Dearborn police and DTE said there have been a lot of similar cases lately.  They ask if you have any information call your local police.

DTE warns if you do not feel comfortable making a payment  to call them at 877-447-4747 to make sure you are not being scammed.

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