Dearborn Police Charge Robber

Craigslist Seller Charged in Robbery

DEARBORN, MICH (WXYZ) - A 19 year old Detroit man has now been charged in a robbery that took place earlier this week in Dearborn after a correspondence on Craigslist.

Rodney Cook will face a preliminary exam later this month after having been formally charged with one count of Armed Robbery and one count of Carjacking in a crime that occurred Monday evening, November 19th around 7pm.

Cook, along with 3 others, were in hotel parking lot at Michigan and Evergreen after awaiting a buyer who responded to an ad on Craigslist for a pair of Cartier glasses. The man approached them, while they sat in their 2006 Dodge Charger, and examined the glasses. He began to count out $350 which had been agreed upon. Someone in the rear passenger seat pointed a gun at him and he ran across Michigan avenue.

He called 911.

One of the men in the Charger got into the buyer's  2004, 4-door white Pontiac Grand Prix. Then, both cars took off.

Police got there in minutes. They were able to corner the Charger but the Pontiac Grand Prix got away.

That car, and the driver believed to be in his 20s, are still being sought by Dearborn Police.

The other 2 people in the Charger were arrested and are awaiting an arraignment. Meanwhile, Rodney Cook will have his preliminary exam November 30th. His bond is $15,000, or 10%.

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