Denim pocket, new technology aims to make smartphone use easier

(WXYZ) - We never really go anywhere without our phone,so easy accessibility and the way it alerts us to messages or calls is important to us.

Now, one product and prototype could make smartphone use easier. 

Have you ever stuck your smartphone in your jean pocket and then had trouble getting it out immediately when you were getting a phone call or a text message?

Well, one company is saying they have the solution. I/O Denim is manufacturing jeans with a pocket for your smartphone.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Uh, we already have pockets on our pants"--but not like this one.

The company has built-in a slanted pocket that eliminates cell phone bulk and makes your phone easily accessible regardless of whether you are sitting or standing.

The first addition of the jeans will cost you $115 .

And  a MorePhone may have you reaching into your pockets to shell out some cash in the future.

Queen's University in Ontario has developed a smartphone prototype that can change shape.

The phone gives its users a visual cue when they're getting a phone call, text message or email. The MorePhone is made of a thin, flexible electrophoretic display.

On the university's website, one of the researchers said you could probably see the MorePhone used by consumers in five to 10 years.


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