Dermatologist uses Phone App to Treat Acne Patients

WXYZ-TV - There's a phone app for almost everything these days.
But wouldn't it be nice to have an app that would save you a trip to the doctor's office?

Dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher, MD, has come up with one.

It's called PocketDerm.

He got the idea while trying to help people who had to travel miles to come to his office. It cost them time and money.

With this phone app, you can now take a picture of an acne skin condition and send it in. A short time later, you get a response and doctor's instruction for treatment.
Your prescription is even mailed to you.

It sounds all too easy.

But, that's the whole idea, according to Dr. Lortscher.
His patients in New Mexico would come hundreds of miles to see him after waiting weeks to get an appointment.

This makes life a lot easier.

Dr. Nancy Satur, MD, co-founder of  PocketDerm and also a dermatologist, reminds us that one advantage of the app allows you to ask questions of the doctor and bypass the office receptionist.

You have freer access to your doctor.

You can check it out
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