Former Michigan Treasurer testifies in Detroit bankruptcy eligibility trial

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Former Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon talked briefly outside of Federal Court when he was done as a witness in Detroit's bankruptcy eligibility trial. 

Dillon made people in the courtroom laugh when he testified consultants can not be trusted because they can get expensive. 

Dillon also said Detroit cops should be paid more but can't because of city finances and that the legislature would not approve any bailout for Detroit. 

Dillon said his meaning was misunderstood when on Tuesday he testified bankruptcy looked "premeditated" because there were not enough good faith negotiations, a requirement before filing for bankruptcy. 

On the stand today is a top aide to Governor Rick Snyder, Rich Baird who vetted and helped hire Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. 

Baird worked for the so-called "NERD Fund" set up by Snyder but moved to becoming a state employee in October after the fund was criticized for not revealing donors. 

The fund also paid for Orr's housing in Detroit.

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