Video shows man smoking crack pipe on DDOT bus; Drivers want cleaner, safer Detroit buses

DETROIT (WXYZ) - An upset passenger on a Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) bus posted a video to YouTube of a fellow passenger pulling out and lighting a crack pipe in the middle of the day.

At one point, another passenger asks him to put out the crack pipe. After yelling back at the passenger, the man continues smoking the pipe.

Eventually, the bus driver stops the bus and tells him to get off. When the man refuses, the bus driver calls for help. The man smoking the crack pipe eventually steps off the bus in exchange for a cigarette from another rider.

Bus union leaders at AFL – CIO Local 26 told 7 Action News the bus driver handled the situation the best way he could.

This incident is not shocking to the union however. Detroit city buses are a battle zone for operators.

Union President Fred Westbrook said in the past 10 month, eight bus drivers have been hospitalized and many others have been assaulted.

7 Action News placed several calls to the city and our calls were not returned. DDOT said they can't make any comments unless the city approves it.

Detroit Police Commissioner Jerome Warfield told 7 Action News he was strongly behind a recent millage that was turned down which would have put officers on buses.

Bus drivers are currently in the process of planning a rally. They believe the lack of bus service is driving a lot of the assaults.

They want the attacks to stop as well as cleaner and safer buses for the passengers and drivers.

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