Detroit City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry's ticket dismissed, officer no show

Detroit Police say Detroit City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry, Jr.'s traffic ticket was dismissed after a mailing error caused the officer to miss the court date. 

Police say the reason the officer didn't show up was because the subpoena was sent to a unit where he previously worked.

We're told the officer plans to reissue the ticket so he can appear at a new court date.

Cushingberry was pulled over in January by Detroit Police for a traffic-related offense.

Cops reportedly found open alcohol and marijuana in his car, but released him from the scene.

Cushingberry claims he was leaving a neighborhood bar when he was pulled over. He said he thinks it was because he was black.

He admitted the person that was with him smelled like marijuana, but, he said, it was because his friend had a medical marijuana card.

As far as the alcohol, Cushingberry Jr. said there was an old, empty bottle of rum in his car from weeks ago. He did admit to having one drink that night, but insisted he was no where near being over the legal limit.​


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