Detroit firefighters use stove to heat fire house after days of going without heat

DETROIT (WXYZ) - For six days, firefighters working 24-hour shifts at a fire house on Detroit's west side had to eat, sleep and work in the cold when the furnace failed.

In an effort to try to generate some heat, firefighters did what they often warn others about when they opened the door to the hot oven and turned on the flame burners.

Fire fighters tell 7 Action News that no heat is just one of the many problems they may see at any of the aging fire houses around the city.

Fire Commissioner Donald Austin says the furnace at the fire house at Greenfield and Fenkell was fixed Wednesday by Great Lakes Power where, Austin says, the owner understood that payment from the cash-strapped city might not come right away.

Austin says he is trying to find out why it took so long for those in charge of maintenance to call out a contractor. But firefighters say problems with heating and plumbing are not unusual.

Recently, some firefighters working on Detroit's east side had to dig into their own pockets to rent a portable toilet when the fire house was hit with a plumbing problem. 


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