Detroit firefighter fighting murder charge

(WXYZ) - Detroit Firefighter Terrill Hardaway, 35,  is fighting for his own life and freedom. 

He's charged with Second Degree Murder and Felony Firearms after shooting a man at the 4 Winds Bar on Schoolcraft in Detroit on December 29, 2012. 

The case took almost a year to investigate.  Reluctant witnesses had to be called in with prosecutorial subpoenas.  Surveillance video from the bar shows the fatal exchange in the back parking lot. 

Hardaway was shot in the upper arm by 45-year-old Tony Jackson.  Hardaway shot back, hitting Jackson and killing him. 

Who was the aggressor?  The two had an an argument that included Jackson's girlfriend nine days earlier. 

And the evidence shows, on night of the 29th, Hardaway came to the bar with two guns and pointed one at the head of Jackson while he was working inside.  That incident ended when someone hit Hardaway in the head with a beer. 

Another friend took Hardaway's second gun away until after he was shot in the parking lot.  Bar surveillance video also shows Jackson was watching for Hardaway on the side of the bar, outside, before Jackson moved in to take the first shot.

The assistant prosecutor would not talk on camera, but Hardaway's Defense Attorney Gerald Evelyn says this is a case of self defense. 

The judge will rule on whether Hardaway will stand trial at another hearing on April 15 at 11 am. 

Hardaway is on disability from the Detroit Fire Department.  He was still working months after the shooting and was injured on the job.  He's also free on bond during the case.


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