Detroit firefighters save puppy from burning vacant home, family displaced next door

DETROIT - A Detroit family is looking for a new place to call home after an early morning fire that began in the vacant house next door.

That's where the found and rescued a puppy.

The fire began around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning near Indiana and Grand River on the city's west side.

When crews got to the scene there was so much smoke they couldn't tell how many homes were on fire and whether or not either was occupied.

As they worked It didn't take long for them to figure out the story.

"That house has been vacant. It's the second time it's caught fire, but this time it caught our house," said Carmen Kimball who lived next to the vacant home that mysteriously caught fire and subsequently set her home ablaze.

Even though crews knew one home was vacant, they entered the structure anyway and it's a good thing they did, because they made an amazing discovery.

"We were checking the floors and we saw him hiding in a back bedroom," said fireman Mike Gillespie

A mixed breed puppy, scared and confused, was in desperate need of help and that's just what he got.

Even though the home was technically vacant, firefighters say it appears someone was living inside and was taking care of that dog.

A dog that may have died if it weren't for the firefighters bravery.

"We will take good care of him. We won't leave him on the streets."

All in a days work for some of the best firefighters in the country.

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