Detroit firefighters working by candle after power failure in fire house

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "That is absolutely unheard of," said Gerri Crosby who lives close to Engine 48, a fire house in southwest Detroit, where firefighters have been working without power since Friday.

A tipster notified Action News of the power failure and we obtained photos showing firefighters having to use a candle for some light. A tipster also sent Action News short video clips showing how hard it is to even walk down some hallways because it is so dark inside the fire house on Fort Street near Schaefer.

Firefighters are concerned because if the power problem isn't fixed soon, they may be forced to move to another fire house, putting them further away from the residents they are there to protect, as well as, the Marathon Detroit Refinery.

The firefighters at Engine 48 are the city's first responders to assist in any emergency at the refinery.

The power problem has also led to Engine 48 being without hot water. Much of their food has spoiled. And the fire & EMS rigs have to be parked outside because they are unable to open the doors.

Beau Taylor, Director of the Detroit Public Lighting Department, tells 7 Action News that the power problem stems from damage done by last week's storm.

After Action News spoke to Deputy Emergency Manager Gary Brown, he ordered the next available public lighting crew to begin working to resolve the power problem at the fire house.

Late Monday afternoon, Taylor told Action News that a crew will be out sometime during the evening hours.

A spokesman for Marathon released the following statement:

MPC's Detroit refinery has a long history of working closely with the City of Detroit, including with the city's excellent emergency responders. MPC is confident that the city will continue to provide necessary emergency response to protect its citizens.


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