Detroit Gold Cup races this weekend!

(WXYZ) - The Detroit APBA Gold Cup is happening on the Detroit River this weekend!

The trophy awarded in the races is one of the oldest active trophy in all of motor sports. It was first awarded in 1904.

For the past 10 years Stephen Karoub has been coming to the races.  And for the last 2 his wife, Shawn has been joining him, "It's thrilling especially sitting on this corner waiting to see if something is going to come flying up at you," Shawn said.

They found a place to sit for the day at the top of the grandstand.  They came prepared.  Plenty of sunscreen, wide-brim hats and a huge umbrella completed the spot where Shawn and her husband were sitting.

"I've been coming here for about 10 years now and I'm telling you it's exciting because they've put that fence up right about when I first started because parts were coming up here and then they added the fence so that would stop," Stephen tells Action News.

As for what you're missing, "missing the excitement of boats going 200 miles per hour on the back stretch in the widest turn in all of boat racing on one end and the tightest turn on the other end.  You get to see all of the action through here," Stephen said.

Action News caught up with Stephen David.  He's the driver of the Oh Boy Oberto boat.  "There is a lot of energy here.  The Gold Cup is like our Daytona 500.  This is like Nascar in the water," David said.  "This is the most challenging race course in the circuit.  It's one of the fastest race courses in the circuit and you have the 10 fastest propeller driven boats in the world right here this weekend," David said.

The races run from July 12 to July 14 out of  the Detroit Yacht Club.


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