Detroit Lighting Authorty begins audit of city's street lights

(WXYZ) - Keeping porch lights on in Lisa Cohen's neighborhood on Detroit's east side has become a way of surviving for her, her family, and neighbors.

"Yeah and for the ones who don't have them those are the ones who are victimized, cars stolen… for the neighbors that don't have porch lights, murders are being committed," said Cohen.

"We have to watch over each other," said Lisa's neighbor Romie Anderson.

Thursday night, just a block over, it was pitch black because of a dimmed street light.  Neighbors say it is the center of a lot of crime.

"You can't see anything down here, there's nothing you can see," said Lisa.  "Barely any porch lights.  Poor lighting and poor police presence… it's the perfect place for a murder or crime.  It's sad."

The neighbors are hopeful that crime will lessen in that area once more lights are restored. The neighbors looked on as crews contracted from Detroit's Public Lighting Authority checked out street lights in the area.

Thursday morning, workers examined the condition of the poles and-- later in the evening--they were checking on how well the street lights were working.

A survey of light poles has been divided into two sections.  

Each section has more than 3,000 street lights.

"I hope the crime will go down cause everybody can see cause these lights out here… it's crazy," said Romie.  "You can walk down the street and they can go black on you.  They take advantage of that."

"It's better late than never," said Lisa.  "It is a huge relief that now they are going to be on top of it."

Workers hope to finish up testing the entire first section by mid-October before surveying the next section.

For more details on the Public Lighting Authority's plan, go here:

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