Detroit officers honored at special ceremony

(WXYZ) - On Friday night, Detroit's finest were honored for going above and beyond the call of duty.

More than 20 officers were named "Officers of the Year." 

Among them, Officer Patrick Hill who was killed in the line of duty just over a year ago.

At a special ceremony downtown, Detroit Police Chief James Craig was among those acknowledging incredible work of officers day in and day out.

Officers like Delawn Steen and his partner They made countless felony arrests, took guns off Detroit's streets and arrested a cold blooded killer.

"We were just on routine patrol, and happened to notice him sitting in the rear seat of a car and he didn't think we knew who he was but we were actually able to take him into custody," said Officer Steen. 

All that hard work and dedication comes at a time when cops are fighting to keep their livelihood as the city goes through bankruptcy.


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