Detroit Police believe gun-play may be to blame in woman's shooting death

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Police believe accidental gun-play may be to blame for the death of a mother who was killed after a relative opened fire.

It all happened around noon at Santa Maria and Muirland.

"We have one fatal 20-year-old black female. One male self-inflicted shooting 23 to 24 years old," said Deputy Chief Darryl Brown.

Detroit Police tell Action News both the shooter and the victim knew each other well.

In fact, the shooter's brother is the father of the victim's child.

Sources say the young mother was also pregnant. It's unknown if this was an intentional shooting.

"We're still investigating whether he accidentally shot himself in the hand with an accidental discharge, we still have some work to do as far as that's concerned," says Brown.

Jacqueline Thomason lives next door and heard shots.

"When I got out here police were everywhere and someone said can I take the dog, so I put the dog in my yard," says Thomason adding "the dad got carjacked 2 or 3 years ago in the driveway so that's why he got a gun."

Police have the shooter in custody. There is no word yet on any possible charges.

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