Detroit Police kick off Operation Green Machine 40

(WXYZ) - Detroit Police hit the streets to put an end to violent crime today.

They took guns out of the hands of gang members and confiscated illegal drugs.

"The sale of cocaine, it's not uncommon at a lot of these locations. Brings violence, shootings. Gang members, drug dealing. We got to put a stop to it," says Chief James Craig.

Inviting our cameras along on the east side, Detroit Police carry out Operation Green Machine 40. The sweep has roughly 150 cops out to do enforcement.

Neighbor Dwayne Johnston says "I did 5 years..selling drugs." He adds, "You get tired of going to jail. Then prison. When you try to straighten out it gets harder."

In all, there were dozens of arrests. Stolen cars were recovered along with guns and drugs.

"Whatever it takes, we've got to give the neighborhoods back to the good people who live here. It's for the children and what matters" says Craig. 

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