Detroit recording artist releases new song and music video

(WXYZ) - Detroit recording artist Ty Stone just released a new video to his song "Bob Seger".

He admits he wrote the song about himself and his girl.

"The song's about a guy who works all week long and gets to come home to be with the person he loves. And how those are the warmest parts of life."

But in the video the lead role isn't played by a guy. It's played by a woman who's driving home to her love… another woman.

"I thought this was one of those songs that really touches people personally when they hear it musically. So I thought if I could do something like this with a little twist and kind of get them in that mind frame and then sort of introduce a same-sex couple at the end that maybe people would have that ‘ah ha' moment where they sort of realize this is something we should respect."

Ty's last video enjoyed considerable success on Country Music TV, a notoriously conservative genre. Sow how is a video featuring a same sex couple going to fly with country fans?

"I hope it doesn't cause me any problems but it was important to me. And I was willing to risk that to get the message out."

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