Detroit resident's truck crushed by massive tree, wants city to pick up the tab

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A massive tree toppled during Tuesday's storm and crushed a Detroit resident's truck. 

He wants the tree gone, his truck repaired and thinks the City of Detroit should pick up the tab.

Charlie Curmi says he's been calling city hall for years, worried the big maple tree in front of his Southwest Detroit home was in danger of falling. 

Years of calls, and the tree still stood. 

Until Tuesday, when it came crashing down, smashing the front end of his pickup truck. 

Curmi says the same tree caused damage to his car a few years back. 

A crew had come by and marked the tree with an X. He thought that meant it was going to be cut down. 

Only it never was. Now, he's worried he's going to be left with the cost of getting a new truck.

City officials are planning on sending a crew to remove the tree, which is blocking the roadway. 

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