Detroit sinkhole causing problems

(WXYZ) - It's enough to leave you speechless.

The sinkhole in front of Detroit City Hall is more than 2 months old and from the looks of it, far from being filled.

Ian Wilson lives and works in the Motor City. He says it's an embarrassment to anyone who drives by.

Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones tells us the city has been working hard on it since a water main break back on January 20 and that they were anticipating completing their portion of the work Tuesday. 

But, now they may have additional work to do. 

Sources say beneath the surface, MDOT, who is in charge of Jefferson Avenue, hasn't put forth money to complete the repair on the sinkhole. 

 Now, the city will have to step in--and settle the tab of more than a million dollars. 

We're told the full patching repair may take up to a month. 

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