Detroit teacher fired after trying to break up classroom fight with broom

(WXYZ) - A Detroit teacher was fired last week after breaking up a fight in a classroom with a broom.

Video on LiveLeak shows the violent altercation at Pershing High School.

The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan released the following statement on Tuesday: 

After performing a thorough investigation, the students who were involved in the altercation in question were disciplined and the teacher was dismissed.

The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan (EAA) seeks to promote a safe environment for its students and staff, and accordingly, does not, and will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct.

The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan has recommended the teacher’s termination of employment to its Board of Directors.

Which means the termination is effective immediately; she will have an opportunity, like any other employee, to meet with the board as they consider this recommendation at its next scheduled board meeting.

She will be notified in writing of the confirmed date and time of the board meeting.

The Change Agent Consortium is calling for the re-instatement of the teacher. 

“This incident is unfortunate. This is another example of why the EAA should not be expanded. It is also an example of the need for teacher’s unions. More importantly, a school or state policy that equates stopping a fight with child abuse is absurd. This teacher was trying to minimize the impact of a very violent encounter even though she had no access to security or a working walkie talkie. She should be reinstated and the school administration should be held accountable for proposing concrete solutions to deal with violence,” said David Alexander Bullock, Change Agent Consortium national spokesperson.




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