Detroit teacher fired for breaking up fight with broom hires lawyer

(WXYZ) - The teacher who used a broom to hit her students to break up their fight in her class at Pershing High School in Detroit was fired for what she did, and now that teacher, 30-year-old Tiffani Eaton, is fighting back.

“We don’t believe that the school district acted appropriately in making their decision,” said Attorney Jeffrey Lance Abood.  Eaton hired Abood Wednesday to help get her job back.  He talked only with 7 Action News Wednesday evening.

“She’s devastated. She’s really devastated. This is a really trying time for her.  It’s really tough,” said Abood.

Eaton has been at Pershing High School for four years. Pershing is part of the Educational Achievement Authority run by the state that takes over poor-performing schools.

“This obviously losing her job right now is extremely stressful for her and her two kids. She’s a devoted mother of her two children,” said Abood.

Abood said Eaton tried to call for help twice, but the school distributed walkie talkie didn’t work. He also said Eaton’s classroom doesn’t have a door into the hallway only to two other classrooms so it wasn’t easy for her to run into the hall for help.

“What she was doing was she was trying to stop a crime and stop people from getting injured.  And in my opinion she’s a good Samaritan. You’re a good Samaritan when you do that,” said Abood.

Abood believes Eaton acted appropriately under the corporal punishment provision under the Michigan school code which some think she violated.

“They are allowed to use reasonable force to be able to protect others.  And in this case she had a whole classroom that she felt responsible for and that she had to protect,” said Abood.

Abood tells 7 Action News the first thing he is doing Thursday morning is calling the school district.

7 Action News reached out to the EAA Chancellor for comment, but we were declined an interview.  The district released a statement to say the teacher will have the opportunity to meet with the board of directors in June over the termination recommendation.

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