Detroiters wait six hours for police to respond to desperate calls to 911

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "You honestly want us to kill these people?" is what Fionn (last name withheld) wants to know from city officials in charge of staffing levels at the Detroit Police Department after Fionn and his partner, Charles, made repeated calls to 911.

They say they waited six hours for police to respond to their desperate calls for help after a woman busted into their home behind Charles as he was walking back inside around 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning.

The woman was saying she needed help because someone was trying to kill her.

Fionn and Charles immediately saw someone drive an older champagne-colored Buick LeSabre onto their front lawn. Seconds later, a strange man peered through a small window in their front door that was now locked.

It was chaotic as Charles yelled to Fionn to "get the gun."

Charles fired the rusty small caliber gun into the air as Fionn pulled the woman out of the house through the back door.

They suspected her plea for help was phony and part of a plot to get access to the house so she and the man could rob them.

Once outside the house, Fionn and Charles told the woman to leave and they ran and hid in some bushes behind the garage of a vacant house.

The woman walked walked off.

Fionn estimates that he called 911 ten times. The calls began with him whispering and hiding the light of his cellphone because they feared the people might spot them in their hiding place.

They also feared someone might still be inside their house.

Then, the champagne-colored Buick drove by once.

After about 30 minutes of hiding in the bushes, Fionn and Charles went to a neighbor's house until sunrise.

Approximately six hours after their first calls to 911, police officers arrived. Finally.

"Six hours," cried Charles. "When you dial 911, you expect someone to show up in a reasonable amount of time... That's unreasonable."

Fionn and Charles say the responding officers were very professional and apologetic when telling them that their shift was just starting and that the district had been very busy.

A DPD spokesperson tells 7 Action News that there was an overwhelming backlog of high-priority runs overnight and just not enough manpower to keep up.

Fionn and Charles are now considering a move to Ferndale.



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