Device mixes in noises of the outside world with the music in your headphones

(WXYZ) - Headphones— we love to wear them but—once we have them in our ears, our awareness of what's happening around us is pretty limited.

Now one new device, called Fuser, is working to change the way you listen to music.

The Fuser Sound Mixer by Olens Technolgy gives users a balance of sound between the music they're listening to through an audio device and the natural sounds around them.

It's marketed as a safer way to jog and listen to music, so first, I hit the pavement.

The device worked well, letting me safely listen to music while still being aware of emergency vehicles and other traffic that was coming my way.

While it did mix well, there is a microphone on the device, so you do hear your own movement quite a bit—on a windy day, it can also be a little distracting.

I found it worked best when clipped on the back of my shirt.

The next test was at work. The Fuser actually can be quite useful if you're trying to hear everything around you more clearly.

I actually liked it on even when i didn't have any music playing and could just listen to the sounds of the newsroom.

You can adjust the outside noise levels of the device with a simple click, so if it's a little too overwhelming, you can turn the outside noises down.

Now, the Fuser won't adjust the noise level of the music you're listening to, so it usually helps if the headphones you attach to the device have the volume switches on the wire.

Pros: mixes outside noise in well, small and light weight.

Cons: the mic on the outside of the device can cause unwanted noises that can interfere with your music enjoyment.

Overall, I give the product a B-. The Fuser Sound Mixer retails for $29.95.

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