Diana Lewis looks at a Detroit tragedy that led to a long friendship with police officer's family.

Diana finds friends forever in officer's family

(WXYZ) - It was February 16th, 2004-- a date that brought heartbreak to family members I was yet to call my friends.

Detroit police officers Matthew Bowens and Jennifer Fettig pulled over a man for a traffic violation, and he gunned them down on Gilbert street.  With his last breath Matthew called for help yelling, "Officer down!."

I never could have imagined back then, how those two words would change my life.

I was horrified to know two mothers would be burying their children, so I reached out to one of them, Matthew's mother Carol.  We became phone friends, and when Carol became sick, her son Jason would pick me up after work and drive me to the hospital.

Before she passed, I got to say one last "goodbye."

Jason had such a  hard time with his brothers death, and then his mother's, that I tried to help him find peace by letting him know how much he is loved.

His story has meant so much to me, and I never even interviewed him until now.  Jason visited me in the studio with his wife Pam and their 8-week-old son little Tyler Matthew Bowens-- whose middle name is a tribute to his late Uncle.

I'm proud of Jason. Proud of everything he has accomplished. Proud he has found peace and thrilled to call him my friend.

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