Diana Lewis shares her most memorable stories this week as she heads toward retirement

Honoring Diana Lewis: Her Most memorable stories

(WXYZ) - Make sure to tune into 7 action news this week as I revisit some of the compelling stories that have made a difference in my life.


As I head toward retirement, I wanted to take some time to thank some of the people I have met during my career, who remain my friends forever. 

I'd like to share with you how their stories profoundly changed my life.

Tonight (Monday At 5 p.m.): The Mattic Family of Detroit -- They lost their sister Margaret when the world trade center crumbled.  I'll tell you why I invited them to the studio for one more compelling conversation.

Tuesday 6 p.m.:  Jason Bowens: His brother Matthew was a Detroit Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty. It's a story I never even covered in the field.  I would anchor it from the studio, not knowing any of the people whose lives were touched by tragedy. Until one day , I picked up the phone.  I'll explain how Jason and his family very dear friends.

Wednesday At 5: A young girl sexually abused as a foster child was seemingly crushed by her personal tragedy. I became her friend while she was at rock bottom and remained so ever since.  How encouraging to see her conquer her past and embrace her future.

Wednesday At 6:  The Kidney Guys: Omie Smith & Bill Ratliffe.  When Omie needed a kidney, his best friend stepped up. Now 8 years later, they are ambassadors for the Gift Of Life.  Organ Donation is a cause dear to my heart. I was deeply touched by this duo in the series of stories I reported on them. I'm proud to call them friends. And I want you to see why they mean so much to me.

Wow, what an exciting week ahead. Thanks for looking in everyone!

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