Did 70-year-old coach use excessive force in MLK High School shootings?

(WXYZ) - There is a new development in the case of the 70-year-old high school basketball coach who allegedly shot two teens accused of trying to rob him.
Sources are telling 7 Action News that what appeared to be a clear-cut case of self-defense could be a case of excessive force.

The prosecutor's office now has the warrant request and will ultimately decide whether the coach is charged with anything.

This is routine - police forward their info to prosecutors after they're done with their end of the case.

Our police sources tell us the shooting appears justified and officers don't think there should be charges.

Police say the 70-year-old girl's basketball coach in question shot two teens - 15 and 16 years old - after they tried to rob him in the parking lot of Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior  High School.

The incident was captured on video, but—again—we're hearing there are questions about what kind of weapons the teens were using and whether the coach used excessive force.

The prosecutor's office says they will not have a decision today.

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