DietBet could help you lose weight and earn money

(WXYZ) - Fun and dieting, those are two words that normally aren't used in the same sentence.

But DietBet, a new online dieting service,  is working to change the way people diet. 

DietBet is a game that gives users 4 weeks to lose four percent of their starting body weight.

At the start, everyone puts money into a pot and after 4 weeks, whoever has hit their goal is a winner.

The bigger the pot, the more money you have to win and multiple winners split the money evenly.

Now, the service says this isn't gambling, because there is no chance involved—you have the control to lose the weight.

There are a lot of methods in place to make sure people don't cheat and are healthy about losing the weight. If you don't follow the rules, you can be disqualified. 

The service makes money by taking a percentage of the pot before it's split among the winners. 

The website says that more than $1,500,000 has been won and users have collectively lost 250,000 pounds. 

DietBet claims that, on average, people who participate lose about nine pounds. 

To read more about DietBet, check out their website here:

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