Director of the FBI visits Detroit, meets with law enforcement from all over the state of Michigan

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Director of the FBI says counter-terrorism continues to be the top concern for federal agents in Detroit.  Director James Comey, Jr. met with hundreds of Special Agents and intelligence analysts Tuesday. He also spoke to reporters at the Federal Reserve Bank in Detroit about a wide range of topics.

While public corruption and violent crime in the city of Detroit remain key focal points for the feds, the new FBI director says the Bureau’s top concern for Detroit continues to be counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence.  Comey explained that terror tactics have changed, so it’s not just New York City, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles that need to be vigilant.

“Two of the ways in which terrorism has changed in the last few years make it a concern everywhere. One is the emergence of Syria as a training ground for violent Jihadists. There are now thousands of foreign fighters in Syria, who are gaining training, gaining new relationships and are going to flow back out of Syria at some point,” said Comey. “Home grown violent extremists are people who are not directed by al Qaeda, but they don’t need to be.  That is an ‘everywhere problem’ in the United States.”

Director Comey visited Detroit as part of national tour to meet with Special Agents in all 56 Field Offices.
Since becoming Director in September, Comey says the level of the threat of home grown terrorism and cyber terrorism are the things that have surprised him the most.

The Director also says Special Agents in Detroit were thrilled to learn that the FBI is about to hire about 1000 more people. Those new hires will be sent where the risk and the need is the highest.

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