Displaced tenants say thieves stole items after fire

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - After a fire rips them out of their homes, tenants on Detroit's west side say thieves ripped them off.

Flames ripped through the Greenbriar Park Apartments last Wednesday, but tenants say thieves may have finished the the job. Five days after the fire, this was the first day they were allowed to collect their things, but those things, like laptops and TVs, were missing.

“They kicked the door, they padlocked whatever they could." said tenant Rochelle Swanigan-Gill, "And then they came in and they stole everything they could. My computer didn't get up and walk.”

“Someone took advantage of the situation.” said tenant Verna Fields.

“After the fire and everything calmed down, people were going through other people’s windows and stuff.” said tenant Sierra McDonald.

Management would not answer questions about the fire nor the alleged thefts.

“I need some help." said Swanigan-Gill, "I don’t have a place to stay. These landlords around here aren't taking no pity.”

Tenants also voiced their concerns about the lack of working smoke alarms. None of the tenants 7 Action News spoke with had renters insurance.

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