Do Not Knock Registry in Troy keeps solicitors away

(WXYZ) - You’ve heard of the " Do Not Call Registry."  

It is supposed to keep sales people and charities from calling you. Well now Troy is taking it a step further. It has a “Do Not Knock Registry.” 

You can also register at city hall or on-line. Clerk Aileen Bittner says it has been available for 2 days, and already more than 1,200 people are on the registry.

"I registered for it," said Bittner. "I am a mom with 2 kids and got tired of solicitors knocking at my door during family time."

It doesn’t stop everyone from knocking at your door. The City of Troy requires sales people or charities going door to door get a permit.  Now those solicitors are the ones who will have to skip registered addresses. 

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