Doctors issue new warning about trampolines & kids

(WXYZ) - The American Academy of Pediatrics is updating its policy on trampolines by strongly discouraging parents from letting their kids use them, despite new safety measures that have been added in the past few years.

A new study published in the October issue of the journal Pediatrics finds extra padding and netting enclosures added to trampolines are not effective enough in preventing serious injuries.

The Academy recommends pediatricians talk to parents about the dangers of trampolines and advise them to keep their children from using them, especially with other kids.

The study found 75 percent of injuries occur when there is more than one child jumping on a trampoline. Flipping or somersaults also increase the risk of injury, according to the study.

Researchers also say that parental supervision isn't enough to prevent kids from getting hurt, since up to half of all injuries occur when an adult is present.

Companies in the trampoline industry argue that new safety features have made in impact on injuries and that trampolines are a fun way for kids to exercise.

Researchers in this study say trampolines in a controlled setting, such as in a gymnastics facility, may be beneficial for training and exercise, but trampolines used in a home setting are too dangerous for children.

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