Don't drive drunk this New Year's Eve, use one of these driving services

WXYZ - It's never a good idea to drive drunk (or buzzed), especially on New Year's Eve.

This Dec. 31, police across Metro Detroit are warning motorists to not even think about getting behind the wheel if you've had a few drinks.

Patrols will issue a crackdown across the region, starting 2014 off on a positive note by keeping impaired drivers off the roads.

New Year's Eve is a crucial night; there have been reports of drunk driving violations increasing 112 percent this night alone, in comparison to the rest of the other 364 days of the year.

If you're planning on heading out, select someone from your party to be the designated driver in advance. If that's not a possibility, consider other ways to get home safely such as spending the night where you're ringing in the new year or calling a cab.

There are many local "designated driver" services which offer ways for you (and your vehicle) to return home safely after a night of partying.

Check out this list, and be sure to keep the numbers handy not only tonight, but any other time you plan on drinking out.


4 My Ride: 586-698-2301

Detroit DD: 313-409-8020

Home Safe Detroit: 248-880-9740

Safe Way Home: 586-563-7144

The Designate: 855-2-DRIVE-U

The Designated Chauffeur: 248-881-9859

Carl Mintz Designated Driver: 248-464-3064

Designated Driver Services: 248-978-1767

BeMyDD: 877-823-6933




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