DPD Chief says there will be zero-tolerance after online threats prompt increased awareness

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "Can you believe that some little gangsters want to come downtown and threaten to punch out an unsuspecting police officer? That will not happen," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig to officers during a mass roll call for tonight's fireworks.

Chief Craig was addressing reports of threats being made on social media that some young thugs wanted to engage in what's called the "knockout game" - where innocent people are sucker punched.

Detroit Police say they will not tolerate anyone being assaulted during the fireworks event that also has a strict curfew policy in place for minors, 17-years-old and younger.

"When you throw a firecracker, it's tantamount to yelling fire in a building. I'm not going to tolerate that and neither should you," Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt told officers during roll call. "If you see them throw a firecracker, lock 'em up and they can watch the fireworks from the bus."

The popular fireworks events comes on the heels of a busy weekend in downtown Detroit that included large crowds, fights and traffic headaches.

Five people were arrested over the weekend for the illegal possession of firearms.

Chief Craig says officers will be using a improved method to get vehicles in and out of the downtown area more easily.

In addition to Detroit Police, other agencies providing security during Monday's fireworks include Michigan State Police, Wayne County Sheriff, Macomb County Sheriff, Oakland County Sheriff, and a number of federal agencies including Homeland Security.

"We want you to have a good time, but again, if you have the intention on committing crimes, (we're) not going to tolerate it."


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