DPD leads drug crackdown in Motor City

The Detroit Police Department-- out in force Thursday--cracking down on crime. It was called Operation 7 Mile Cruise. An army of officers tackling the city's east and west sides--targeting street gangs, and known drug houses.

Chief James Craig wanting dealers in those neighborhoods to know: The shop is closed.

"We are targeting specific locations---this is very strategic," said Craig before the raids.

The 7 Action News Investigators joined Craig on the crackdown. Within minutes, DPD was racing towards a known drug house off 7 Mile Rd. on the east side.

And minutes later, three men were on the ground in cuffs.

"The things that have been going on in the City of Detroit--narcotic locations that have been allowed to flourish--will not," said Craig. "We will continue to put this work in, until we turn every neighborhood back over to the people that deserve this neighborhood."

Inside the house police busted, drugs and money were found. Some, stored in a Pringles can.

When Action News approached those detained, one of the men told us he was the house cleaner, and said, "No sir", when asked if he was aware of the drug activity going on there.

Another suspect, handcuffed on the ground, was shy at first.

"Why would you come over here with that camera?" he asked when put on the spot.

"I don't know what you are talking about, man," he said when asked if he was trouble.

Next door neighbors however, were thrilled to see police taking action.

The chief reached out to those who live in fear.

"Glad we are here?" he asked residents. "Yeah," replied a young boy.

He even found one young lady who wants to be part of the solution.

"I cant wait to join the team one day," she said of her aspirations to become a police officer.

Chief Craig says, walk the city streets, and you will find more good folks than bad.

"In any neighborhood in America, it's always more good people. It's always just a very few that create problems in our neighborhoods."

Multiple agencies including federal ones, assisted DPD in today's sweep.

The chief wants all the bad guys to know---they will back.

"We are protecting and serving---I just love it," said Craig.

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