Driver crashes vehicle into Franklin Police Department

(WXYZ) - Franklin Police Chief Dan Roberts tells 7 Action News that last Saturday at 3 pm, someone had a very unusual run in with his officers.

In his own words, he says "He crossed over the center line, crossed the yard and struck our building with a good portion of his vehicle ending up in the conference room of our police station. We've had our police cars hit before, but this is the first I've ever heard of someone hitting a police station."

It was possibly the strangest thing he's seen in 32 years in law enforcement.

"I asked several questions at first I didn't understand what happened. I asked if someone hit one of our officers and they said no, no, someone hit the police station" says Roberts.

The driver was heading northbound on Franklin Rd. when he lost control in a 4X4 going too fast.

The driver wouldn't talk to us when we paid him a visit. Police issued him a ticket for crashing into their building.

They say the driver actually complained when they gave it to him.

"I'm sure it's embarrassing for him" says Roberts.

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