Drivers call 911 after teens point fake guns at cars

(WXYZ) - The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office has a warning for parents. It comes after two teenage boys were pointing BB guns at drivers on a busy street. 

One man who called 911 told the dispatcher, "There's these kids out in the middle of the road in a shopping cart and they're pointing a gun at people when they go past. They pointed a gun at me.  I don't know if it's a toy gun, but they pointed it like they were pulling the trigger and everything."

It happened along Ellsworth Road near Hewitt in Ypsilanti last Sunday night.  Deputies 
 from the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office were sent there right away.
Several people were alarmed by what they saw and didn't know what to think. As soon as deputies got there, they found the two boys and tracked them to a home nearby. That's when the deputies found out they were 15-year-old boys who were friends. They had been playing around with BB guns which investigators say look like real guns.
"For kids watching this - what you may think is funny or a prank could really turn out to be something serious. Thankfully, the deputies handled it appropriately, but if they're going to a scene anytime there's a gun involved they take it very seriously," says Derrick Jackson with the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say there's no evidence that the BB guns were fired, but deputies did speak with the teens' parents and took the guns from the home. They're hoping what happened sends a message to both kids and parents.

"Part of this is making sure that parents just know hat these replica guns can be very dangerous. It's hard for anyone, trained law enforcement or residents to decipher what's a BB gun or what's a real weapon," says Jackson.

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