Drivers ticked off over towing fees

(WXYZ) - Ticked-off drivers are voicing their frustrations to Action News about what they believe to be unfair towing fees.

There was a long line of angry customers at B & T's office in Southwest Detroit.  Many of the customers are victims from Monday night's massive flood, including drivers that were stranded on the Lodge Freeway overnight. 

They survived the storm, only to face a new ordeal, one that hits them in the wallet: towing fees.

"I believe they are taking advantage of everybody at this time," one customer told Action News.

Drivers are frustrated. They don't understand why they are being quote such different prices, some as high as $1,000, for having their cars towed, many from the same location.

Nick with B & T towing told Action News he has sympathy for the storm victims, but the company is providing a service and the rate is set by the Michigan State Police. 

He claims the company is not overcharging for towing services, and the rates are posted for the public to see.

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