DrumPants, the wearable musical intstrument

(WXYZ) - What if you could throw on a pair of pants-and be able to rock out by just tapping on them?

That's the idea behind DrumPants. 

The creators call it a wearable musical instrument of industrial quality, and as funny as the name DrumPants is, the idea behind it is pretty neat.

The gadget is essentially two pad sensors that you can attach quickly under or over any clothing.

Attached to the sensors is a control box which allows users to choose from 100 built-in sounds. 

Users also get two foot pedal sensors that they can stick in their shoes-kick drum, anyone? 

DrumPants can also work in conjunction with multiple apps to give you a wider sound selection. 

The starter DrumPants kit will cost you around $100. 

One of the founders tells 7 Action News that he came up with the idea in grad school when he and a bunch of his buddies who are drummers just started tapping on their pants.

The gadget is not only for musicians, it also has a lot of other applications. Users who wear DrumPants can even use the sensors to control work presentations.

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