Dubai to build temperature-controlled city

(WXYZ) - Imagine not going outside for weeks at a time.

Well, if you were to hang out in Dubai’s planned Mall of the World, you wouldn’t have to set foot outdoors for days on end.

The prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai has announced a plan to build the world’s first temperature-controlled city, called Mall of the World.

The dome city would occupy a total area of 48 million square feet. It would house the world’s largest shopping mall, an indoor theme park and 20,000 hotel rooms.

The press release says visitors will be able to enjoy a week long stay without the need to leave the city or even use a car.

During the winter, when the temperature is more mild in Dubai, the covering will be open.

The prime minister hopes the project will promote seasonal tourism in the region. To read more about it, go here

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