Engineering grads work to build the world's fastest hot tub

(WXYZ) - A group of engineering grads decided to turn a car into a hot tub on wheels.

Affectionately called the Carpool Deville, two former engineering students from Canada are on a mission to make their hot tub on wheels the fastest hot tub in the world.

The pair is raising money on Kickstarter with the hopes to race their inverted amphibious vehicle at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

The Bonneville Speedway is known for its land speed records--and the team behind the Carpool wants to get on that list.

The Carpool team worked on the 1969 Coupe Deville convertible for 6 years, improving the car’s heating, suspension, controls and pool plumbing.

The crew says on their Kickstarter page that the idea was born back in 1996 when they were engineering undergrads—they say their original prototype started with a joke over a keg of beer and an abandoned car.

Now, the team only has a couple of days left to raise the money they need to get to the races. To read more about the Carpool, check out their Kickstarter page HERE.

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